So last weekend I travelled to Germany. Alone. Considering this time last year I wouldn't cross the road by myself, this is a pretty big achievement. And other than getting in the queue for a flight to Florence, zipping my scarf into my bag preventing it from closing and nearly falling over running to grab my case before it was lost in the carrousel (it goes round more than once dontcha know..), it was rather successful.

I met my friend, dropped my case at his (literally) and headed straight to a cosy German pub. As you do. The next four days consisted of a ridiculous amount of alcohol, mainly beer (when in Rome..), ridiculous hangovers and a ridiculous amount of Fifa.

The return journey home was a lot more successful than the journey there, probably because I was too hungover to care about what was going on around me. I even managed to call the German cab office to arrange a taxi to the airport. Impressive huh?

I flew with Air Berlin and would definitely recommend them. Not only was it more spacious that Easy Jet, there was a little tv every few rows to keep you entertained, with various channels to listen to through the arm rest and free soft drinks provided. The best bit was without a doubt the cute little heart shaped chocolate at the end of the flight. They definitely know how to keep you sweet.

I definitely feel more prepared to jet off around the world alone now. If I can get to Germany, I can get to Thailand right....

(( Despite being a poor excuse for a blogger, Emma ( ) invited me to her final #ldnbloggermeet on Saturday so I thought it'd be a good way to get used to meeting people I don't know! I've tried to follow everyone attending on twitter but if you're going and I'm not following you, let me know please. See you Saturday! ))


  1. I absolutely love Germany! Especially a good old German pub! Sounds like a brilliant trip!
    You will be absolutely fine flighing to Thailand :)
    Thanks for the mention as well! I am so looking forward to meeting you Saturday! Just think, the next time we meet after Saturday could be in Australia :D xx

    1. It was :)
      The longest flight I've been on is under two hours, oops. It'll be interesting to say the least haha
      Me too, actually can't wait!
      Eeeeek! That is SO exciting :)xx

  2. Aw I'm jealous of you going to a blogger meet!

  3. Wow, sounds like a fab trip & you must be so excited for your next travels! Was lovely meeting yesterday huny :)

    Aysh xoxo

    1. I literally cannot wait!
      Was lovely meeting you too :) Hopefully be able to see you again before I leave xx

  4. Was lovely meeting you honey! xo

    1. Was lovely meeting you too! Hopefully see you at the next meet with a bottle of wine ;)x

  5. Yeye I'm so excited to go to Germany in December!



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